Caregivers Aliiance Limited (CAL)


A professional non-profit organisation in Singapore dedicated to meeting the needs of caregivers of persons with mental health issues through education, support networks, crisis support, tailored services and self-care enablement.

What they do

1. Individual Training and Support (ITS)

The ITS programme provides emotional support, coaching, and referrals for the convenience of those who cannot leave their loved ones for long periods. 

2. Caregiver Stories

CAL shares unique and often untold stories of caregivers- their struggles, their fears, their trauma, but also their strength, growth and resilience.

3. Events

Caregivers Alliance also organises ad-hoc events on protecting Caregivers' mental health, building Caregivers' resilience, mental wellness campaigns etc.


4. Caregivers Support Centre

Trained professionals from Caregivers Alliance are stationed at IMH and various hospitals in SG, providing information to caregivers, counselling and support, as well as referrals for caregivers.

5. Caregivers Training Programme

They offer training programmes for:
(1) Caregivers of Persons with Mental Health Issues 

(2) Caregivers of patients with Dementia 

(3) Young Caregivers. 

(4) Trauma Informed Care Awareness Talk

(5) Trauma Informed Care for Parents and Caregivers

(6) Other training programmes


The Story of Caregivers Alliance

CAL is the only organisation that focuses exclusively on supporting caregivers with professional services. Watch to learn more about the mission behind CAL.


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