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The Artist’s Residency 

The Artist’s Residency is an art exhibition held under the Mental Health Conference that aims to explore what hope looks like to persons living with mental disorders. Created from a six-month long co-creation between five artists living with mental disorders and eight student artists, the seven artworks span various art forms (including photography, animation, music, dance etc.) and invites viewers to reside in the experiences of those living with mental disorders. As a collaboration with REACH, this exhibition also aims to use art to start conversations amongst Singaporeans about what mental health looks like to them, and encourage Singaporeans to come forward with their own stories of hope and well-being.


In addition, this exhibition will be digitised onto a website to create an interactive resource that not only assists educators in improving the mental health literacy of their students, but also creates platforms for students to reflect and share what mental health and hope means to them. 

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