We work closely with various ground-up partners to more effectively streamline mental health-related events, initiatives, efforts and volunteer opportunities across Singapore.


A grassroots community sharing mental well-being strategies and solutions through virtual talks for good mental health in Asia.

Calm Collective Asia


A ground-up initiative that aims to improve mental health literacy, mental care and mental motivation amongst Singaporean youths. 

Silent Conditions


Home of passionate volunteers committed to serving the mental health community. 

IMH Matchsticks

Soulbrew Photo 2.png

A group of creatives who utilise their skills in design, videography and editing to produce creative content that aims to break mental health stigma.

Soulbrew Collective

Tapestry Project.jpeg

The Tapestry Project is an independent, not-for-profit online publication that empowers mental health recovery through firsthand, personal stories.

The Tapestry Project


The PleaseStay. Movement is an advocacy group calling for unity and support to prevent suicide among young people.


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