IMH Matchsticks

Originally formed by 5 volunteers from the Institute of Mental Health SG (IMH), IMH Matchsticks is now over 700 youth volunteers strong. These volunteers help to spread joy and serve residents in the long-stay wards, as well as organise ad-hoc mass events efor the residents to enjoy outside of their wards. 


What they do

1. Weekly volunteering sessions

During the weekly visits, each ward would carry out a set of activities catered specifically to the interest of the special friends living in that ward. The activities range from arts and craft and colouring, to board games, and even karaoke and dance sessions.

2. Outings with residents

Matchsticks of IMH frequently organises mass events such as excursions and parties for the residents to enjoy outside of their wards.


3. Other ad-hoc activities 

Other ad-hoc activities that they organise include public holiday movie screenings, festive season mass events, mental health talks, workshops, community partner events, etc. 

4. Mental health outreach and advocacy events

They also actively participates in anti-stigma efforts within the community by leveraging our experiences with the residents to educate and engage people in mental health conversations.


The Story of IMH Matchsticks

The founder of IMH Matchsticks, Jonathan Kuek, was featured in the 2021 NDP "Together Stronger" series. In this video, he talks about his anti-stigma efforts through his research and volunteering, and how we can continue contributing to the mental health field in Singapore.


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If you have the heart to create change in the mental health community, do join them in bringing joy to our special friends at IMH!