Inspiring individuals, Building collectives

A conversation about sustaining meaningful impact in the mental health scene amongst mental health organisations, ground-up initiatives and youth volunteers.

About The Conversation


More and more youths are identifying gaps in systematic mental health support and have grown to be passionate advocates in different shapes and forms. 


In this conversation, we are creating a space for networking and mentorship amongst mental health organisations, ground-up initiatives, and youth volunteers.


Programme highlights

  • Segment 1: Panel discussion

    • Mental health organisations will come together to share more about their experiences in serving the mental health cause and how ground-up initiatives can start impactful and sustainable projects. The topics we will explore include how to start sensitive conversations about mental health, common problems faced when starting an advocacy project, and more.

  • Segment 2: Focus Group Discussion

    • Participants will move into small-group discussions facilitated by mental health organisations and will be given a chance to present their projects/future plans. This will allow them to gain insights into possible collaborations and resources to tap into, and practical advice on how to create a project that is impactful and sustainable.

Conversation Details


Pre-conversation C workshop:
11 Nov 2021

Conversation C:
18 Dec 2021


Pre-conversation C workshop:

Conversation C:


Online via Zoom


This Conversation is joined by

Kevin Wee (Moderator)
Rebound with Resilience

Kevin is a passionate speaker, podcaster and founder of Rebound with Resilience. Having lived through and overcome depression and mania, he developed a deep responsibility for raising the resilience and mental wellness of youths, and has spoken in over 100 schools and organisations.

Ruth Komathi
Senior case worker

SAMH Oasis Day Centre

As a counsellor with lived experience, the insights that Ruth’s diagnosis gave her has been invaluable, and has helped her with her work at SAMH. She enjoys keeping active, baking and listening to music.

Jonathan Kuek
IMH Matchsticks

Jon is a mental health researcher specializing in recovery approaches to the management and understanding of mental health conditions. He has published several articles in peer-reviewed journals and has been an active mental health and youth volunteerism advocate since 2014.

Rovik Roberts
Board Member

Changing Minds Ltd

Rovik is an experienced community builder, having co-founded The Hidden Good, SGExplained and The Singapore Club on Clubhouse. In all of these areas, Rovik has sought to bring more awareness and appreciation of mental wellness and health.

Cho Ming Xiu
Founder/Executive Director
Campus PSY Limited

Ming Xiu is the Founder & Executive Director of Campus PSY (Singapore), the Co-Chair of the Youth Alliance and also serves as a Convenor and Project Lead with the Youth Mental Well-Being Network.


Joshua Tay
Director, Strategy & Partnerships

With an interest in turning good intentions into good impact, Joshua Tay has developed functioning operations to engage more than 200 youths-facing-adversity through key developmental tracks.


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