Revisiting the Heart of Education

A closed-door sharing of best practices by schools and mental health organisations about improving the mental well-being of students

About The Conversation


Many youths’ daily lives circle around their school - studying, socialising with friends, after-school activities, and more. But, how exactly can we best support their mental well-being through their growing up years? 


In this conversation, educators, youths and mental health organisations will share and learn from each other best practices to best support youths and their mental-well-being


Programme highlights

  • Segment 1: Organisation Sharing

    • Through sharings by various mental health organisations/ground-up initiatives, schools will get a better idea of the variety of approaches and resources that mental health organisations are currently implementing to improve the mental well-being of youths

  • Segment 2: Big Group Sharing + Q&A

    • To facilitate mutual learning and a collective approach towards better supporting students, school representatives (both educators and students) will share their best practices with regards to improving the mental well-being of students.


Conversation Details


Pre-conversation B webinar:
11 Dec 2021

Conversation B:
15 Jan 2022


Pre-conversation B webinar:

Conversation B:


Online via Zoom
(For both)


This Conversation is joined by


Dr Edwin Lim (Moderator)
Lead Teacher
Hwa Chong Institution

With deep passion for education and positive education, Dr Lim has actively contributed to the flourishing of the school community via various programmes and training for youths and educators. He is also the secretary of the Singapore Positive Education Network.

Sherman Koh
Happiness Initiative

Sherman started out as a commodities trader covering Africa, whose experience drastically changed his perspective of life and led him to co-found Happiness Initiative. He is very passionate about building inclusive communities and understanding how we can make the world a kinder, more empathetic place.

Kevin Wee

Rebound with Resilience

Kevin is a passionate speaker, podcaster and founder of Rebound with Resilience. Having lived through and overcome depression and mania, he developed a deep responsibility for raising the resilience and mental wellness of youths, and has spoken in over 100 schools and organisations.


Dai Ming Xiu
Case Worker
SAMH YouthReach

Ming Xiu started at SAMH YouthReach as a Programme coordinator, followed by appointment as case worker to date working closely with youths, caregivers and community stakeholders. He also engages in the delivery of SAMH’s outreach and community education efforts.


Rachel Koh
Project Green Ribbon


Rachel has worked as a behavioural therapist and psychologist in both private and public settings, with experience in managing young children and adults with special needs who present with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)

CHAT is a national outreach and mental health check programme under the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

We have been helping and supporting young people with mental health concerns since 2009.


REACH (Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry@Home) is a department under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). It is involved in connecting with citizens and gathering feedback on major issues.


Do I have to pay to sign up for this conversation?

No! This conversation is free for all to sign up, as are all the activities in "The Next Step For Us", the Mental Health Collective Conference.

Why is this a closed-door conversation?

This is to ensure that a safe and secure space is created for our participants to share their thoughts and best practices. Potential sensitivities may also arise from schools and youths when they make comments in a public setting.

If this is a closed-door conversation, can I still join and how do I join?

Definitely - by registering for this conversation! Do note that participation is on a first-come-first-serve basis as there is a limit to the number of participants who can join this conversation. Therefore, only those who have registered and fall within the set capacity will be admitted into the conversation.

By youths, you mean?

While we believe this conversation involves students of all ages, Revisiting the Heart of Education will focus on Junior Colleges for a more targeted conversation. As such, we are looking at JC1s & JC2s (as of 2021) as well as JC alumni who have graduated in 2019 and 2020 to participate in these conversations with their schools.

Rest assured, MHC is committed to bringing this conversation to primary schools, secondary schools and other Institutes of Higher Learning in the years to come!

I am neither a youth or part of the school authorities. Can I sign up for this conversation?

Revisiting the Heart of Education is designed to facilitate conversations between school authorities and youths. If you are neither, the topics of discussion may not be relevant to you. And we would like this experience to be as valuable to you as possible. You can consider other activities available at the Mental Health Collective Conference here.

By school authorities, you mean?

To make sure that the conversation is purposeful, we are hoping to have a good representation of school authorities. Therefore, it is preferable that representatives from schools consists of a mix of school management representatives (eg. Director of Student Development), school counsellors, or an educator. If you are still uncertain, feel free to drop us a message at, or drop us a direct message on Instagram @MentalHealthCollectiveSG.


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