Samaritans of Singapore (SOS)

Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) is dedicated to providing confidential emotional support to individuals facing a crisis, thinking about or affected by suicide. Non-religious and not for profit, their work focuses on crisis intervention and suicide prevention.


What they do

Client Services

1. 24-hour Hotline: 1767

Round the clock emotional support for those in distress, manned by trained volunteers.

2. Care Text

A text-based service that provides emotional support for those in distress via Facebook Messenger.
This service is manned by trained volunteers.

This service is operational from

Mon-Thurs 6pm - 6am
Fri 6pm-11:59pm

3. Caremail

An alternative avenue of emotional support for those who prefer to write in via email.


Professional Services

1. Training

SOS offers training packages for individuals and companies keen to help those in crisis or simply interested to gain valuable life skills.

3. Research

SOS’s very own research department to gain insights to aid suicide prevention and intervention work in Singapore.


4. Specialist Counselling

Counselling is available for individuals going through a suicide crisis or who have just experienced a suicide loss. (This service is by appointment only)

5. Crisis Support

SOS initiates follow-up for high suicide risk individuals identified through the hotline, email befriending, and third party referrals.

6. Healing Bridge

A suicide bereavement support group for those who have lost a loved one or someone they knew to suicide.

7. Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors (LOSS)

SOS provides immediate and long-term emotional support to those who have lost a loved one or someone they knew to suicide.


2. Case Consultation

SOS is a resource for other agencies and organisations which need to consult on cases concerning suicide crises or suicide death.


Volunteer with them!

Volunteer for 24-hour Hotline
(23 years old and above)

Provides round-the-clock emotional support to clients via the 24-hour hotline.

Volunteer for Care Text
(18 years old and above)

Provides round-the-clock emotional support to clients via Care Text Facebook Messenger.

Ad-Hoc and Project-based

SOS embarks on various events and projects that may require your support and expertise.

Who should apply?

​You should be:

  • Able to dedicate 3-4 hours a week, and one overnight a month, to volunteer with SOS.

  • Ready to volunteer for at least 2 years upon completion of volunteer training.

  • Willing to abide by a strict anonymity
    and confidentiality policy.

  • Comfortable in communicating in English; added language proficiencies are a bonus.

  • Open to learning and volunteering the SOS way!

  • At least 18 years old (for Care Text volunteers) and 23 years old (for Hotline volunteers).

Benefits of being a Samaritan:

  • A comprehensive volunteer training programme.

  • One-to-one supervision.

  • Opportunities for learning, self-growth and development.

  • Support from professional staff.

  • Great friendships with like-minded others.

  • A sense of well-being from helping someone emotionally through a crisis.


Get Involved

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Your donations ensure that they're able to carry on serving those in crisis, thinking about suicide or affected by suicide.



You can choose to be a:

  • Care Text Volunteer

  • 24-hour Hotline volunteer

  • Ad-hoc volunteer