Singapore Emergency Responder Academy (SERA)

Provides first aid courses, psychosocial support workshops, instructor courses and corporate talks.


What they do

1. Courses*

SERA provides Psychosocial Support Training, where they teach participants Psychological First Aid and First aid in Mental Health. Other courses offered includes Resuscitation, First Aid and instructor Courses.

2. Online courses*

SERA also provides courses such as Psychological First aid, Basic First Aid, CPR+AED and other courses at an affordable rate online, where you can learn at your own pace and take notes as you go!

*Many of SERA's in-person and online courses are eligible for Skillsfuture Credit. Click here to learn more.


3. Mental Wellness talks

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, SERA has organised a COVID-19 Mental Resilience And Wellness Talk, where you will learn to care for yourself and support others in need.  

4. Corporate Lunchtime and Assembly talks

SERA conducts a wide range of corporate lunchtime and assembly talks for schools, companies and organizations. They also provide qualified, highly competent and professional speakers for various institutions and organisations. 


Join SERA in saving lives 

SERA offers interactive and qualtiy First Aid and life support training. Many of our participants who have completed the training have gone on to provide first aid and help someone in need. Watch the video to find out more about SERA.


Get Involved

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Keep abreast on the latest expanding list of free resources made available to everyone, including First-aid training tutorials.


Free resources for to learn life-saving skills

SERA offers free training videos on lifesaving skills such as how to perform CPR, assist someone who is choking, etc.

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Sign up for their courses

Modified courses can be provided to company or school requirements. Many of their courses are also SkillsFuture deductible.