Unlearning and Relearning as Family

A parent-child conversation about building healthy family support systems and mental well-being

About The Conversation


It isn’t easy for parents to understand everything about their child(ren), not to mention the state of their mental well-being. And it’s equally difficult for youths to communicate with their family when sometimes they can hardly put their thoughts and emotions into words.


In this conversation, parents and youths are invited to gain perspectives and share theirs on the challenges faced today during youths’ growing up years.


Programme highlights

  • Segment 1: Opening Panel Discussion 

    • Panelists will introduce themselves and share their thoughts revolving around ‘Unlearning and Relearning’ in their journey as parents 

  • Segment 2: Focus Group Discussion 

    • Parents and youth participants will move into small-group discussions for moderated and deeper conversations on their personal experiences with mental well-being and parent-child relationships, and ideate ways of improving parent-child communication.

  • Segment 3: Panel Discussion

    • We will explore topics such as a parent’s changing role throughout a child’s growing up years and school life, what might be useful to unlearn and relearn, and when to seek professional help for children. The panel includes experts and parents from mental health and advocacy organisations, and a youth moderator.


Conversation Details


4 Dec 2021


2pm to 5pm


Online via Zoom


This Conversation is joined by

Joel Lim (Moderator)
Managing Director

Referred to as an “info-encer”, Joel breaks down complex issues for the masses. After gaining prominence with viral analyses during GE2020, he now focuses on making important topics such as education, politics and social issues digestible and relevant to youths.

Adrian Pang
Artistic Director

Adrian is a Malaysian-born Singapore former actor, host, and the artistic director of Pangdemonium. He is also among the Tatler 300 Industry Leaders honours list for Arts, Media and Entertainment.

Sandra Lim
PleaseStay Movement

Sandra has had 10 years of experience working with youths and adults in a welfare organisation and has worked in a Human Resource Consultancy focused on solution of the workforce and organisational development.

Ling Anne Hsieh
Co-Founder/Managing Director
Project Green Ribbon

Ling Anne developed a strong passion for mental health and social work due to her personal struggles in life. She co-founded Project Green Ribbon as a ground-up initiative to ensure that others get the help that she did not get.

Wong Lai Chun
Executive Director
Over The Rainbow Listens

Lai Chun has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the social service sector, of which 8 years was in Crisis work. She was formerly the Senior Assistant Director of Samaritans of Singapore.

FGD Facilitators

REACH (Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry@Home) is a department under the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). It is involved in connecting with citizens and gathering feedback on major issues.


Do I have to pay to sign up for this conversation?

No! This conversation is free for all to sign up, as are all the activities in "The Next Step For Us", the Mental Health Collective Conference.

Why is this a closed-door conversation?

This is to ensure that a safe and secure space is created for our participants to share their personal experiences. Potential sensitivities may also arise from parents and youths sharing personal stories and insights in public settings.

If this is a closed-door conversation, can I still join and how do I join?

Definitely - by registering for this conversation! Do note that participation is on a first-come-first-serve basis as there’s a limit to the number of participants who can join this conversation. Therefore, only those who have registered and fall within the set capacity will be admitted into the conversation.

By youths, you mean...?

This conversation welcomes all youths aged 18-25 - whether you are currently having your pre-tertiary education, an undergraduate, a fresh graduate, working adult, taking a gap year or sabbatical. If you are still uncertain, feel free to drop us a message at, or drop us a direct message on Instagram @MentalHealthCollectiveSG. But, we do require participants under the age of 18 years old to seek parental consent before registering for the conversation.

I am neither a parent nor a youth. Can I sign up for this conversation?

Unlearning and Relearning as Family is designed to facilitate conversations between parents and youths. If you are neither a parent nor a youth, the topics of discussion may not be relevant to you. And we would like this experience to be as valuable to you as possible. You can consider other activities available at "The Next Step For Us", the Mental Health Collective Conference here.


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