Individual workshops held by partnering organisations to share skills and knowledge regarding mental well-being.

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11 November 2021, Thursday

3:30PM - 5:00PM

Online via Zoom

An introduction to Social Innovation and Design

Pre-Conversation C workshop by Changing Minds Ltd

Changing Minds Ltd is holding a workshop which seeks to introduce core skills, tools and mindsets needed to understand and make progress on complex social issues. 

Topics of discussion will include "
Why the world needs change makers", "Intro to tools such as design thinking & system thinking and how to apply them" as well as "Why empathy is an important consideration in solving complex problems".


13 November 2021, Saturday

1:30PM - 2:30PM

Online via Zoom

Crafting Mental Wellness with Art

A webinar by SAMH Creative SAY!

Explore how art-making and somatic experiencing can support your mental wellness journey and catch a glimpse of how an art therapy session is conducted through an interactive roleplay.


Participants are encouraged to follow along and share their thoughts and concerns, just as they would in a therapy session.

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20 November 2021, Saturday

2:00PM - 4:00PM

Online Via Zoom

Trauma Informed Care Awareness Talk

A talk by Caregivers Alliance Limited

Calling out to youths and caregivers - learn about what a shared understanding of trauma entails, its prevalence in Singapore, and ways to identify and cope with trauma. 


You will also be exposed to the programmes and services available to support yourself and your loved ones through trauma healing and recovery. 


14 November 2021, Sunday

12:00PM - 2:00PM

Online via Zoom

I Am Me, Not My OCD

A webinar by OCDNetwork

Through the stories of youths with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), this webinar will shed light into OCD as a condition, its prevalence amongst youths, and the difficulties and stigma patients face daily. 


Parents, caregivers, and educators - you’ll learn how you can support youths in seeking help and treatment in their journey of managing and overcoming OCD. 


The session will end with an audience Q&A to address all your curiosities and concerns about OCD. 

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21 November 2021, Sunday

2:00PM - 4:00PM

Online via Zoom

Mental Health Community Responder C.A.L.M.

A signature mental health programme by Project Green Ribbon

In a world where awareness for mental health is steadily growing, it is important for us to equip you with the most basic tools to better respond to mental health issues people around you may be facing.


This Mental Health Community Responders program aims to provide participants with essential knowledge of mental health support – the basics of what to say and what not to say to anyone suffering.

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25 November 2021, Thursday


Online via Zoom

Brown Bag Session

A webinar on positive psychology by Happiness Initiative

Learn more about Positive Psychology, introduced via readings, videos or articles. 


Meet new friends to share your experiences and thoughts with. 


Have intimate discussions on your relationship with these theories and how they could apply to your own lives


27 November 2021, Saturday

2:00PM - 4:00PM

Online Via Zoom

Taste of Mindfulness

A hands-on workshop by Brahm Centre

Learn how mindfulness can help you gain control of your thoughts and emotions through a hands-on experiential practice. 


Parents and students - you’ll walk away with tips on how to continue the practice of mental resilience through daily school life, and beyond. 

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28 November 2021, Sunday

11:00AM - 12:15PM

Online Via Zoom

Parenting and Mental Wellbeing

A fireside chat by Over The Rainbow

Understand the nuance of parenting and mental wellbeing by gaining knowledge of the common life transitions, coping methods, and mental health issues youths experience in their growing up years. 


Parents - you’ll walk away with good practical skills and resources to champion youth mental wellbeing at home.

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5 Dec 2021, Sunday

10:00am - 1:00pm

Online via Zoom

What allyship in youth mental health can look like: Creating environments to harness the power of youths

A webinar by Community Health Assessment Team (CHAT)

CHAT seeks to inspire passionate young people and youth mental health organisations to be allies in creating actionable, effective and sustainable change.

Through the use of case studies,  join us on this sharing of CHAT’s experiences and learnings of being allies with CHAT Ambassadors; to highlight importance of allyship in youth mental health.

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11 December 2021, Sunday

2:00PM - 4:00PM

Online via Zoom

Pre-Conversation B Webinar

Pre-conversation webinar

While strong relationships, positive education and a well-informed population is important to protecting the well-being of students, it can be said that the culture of a school ultimately influences these elements.

Through this panel discussion, we will explore how culture and mental well-being are built, and learn how various schools have championed a whole-school approach towards building a culture of well-being. This webinar is open to educators of all schools.


Explore The Other Events


Conversation A

For parents and youths

A conversation about sustaining meaningful impact in the mental health scene amongst mental health organisations, ground-up initiatives and youth volunteers



Conversation B

For youths, school representatives and mental health organisations

​A closed-door sharing of best practices by schools and mental health organisations about improving the mental well-being of students



Conversation C

For youths, ground-up initiatives 
and organisations

A conversation about sustaining meaningful impact in the mental health scene amongst mental health organisations, ground-up initiatives and youth volunteers